The Plaza Brickell: The Best Condos in Brickell

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The Plaza Brickell Introduction

the plaza on brickell towers
The Plaza Brickell: The Best Condos in Brickell 6

These two luxury condo towers are centrally located in the heart Brickell and were completed in late 2007. The Plaza Brickell East Tower, is located at 950 Brickell Bay Drive and has 560 total units. The Plaza Brickell West Tower, is located on 951 Brickell Ave and has 440 total units . Due to it’s great location, you will have walker friendly access to things such as The Brickell City Centre, Mary Brickell Village, and Brickell Key, just to name a few. In this post you will see why The Plaza Brickell is the best condos in Brickell.

The Plaza Brickell Location

What more could you ask from a city? The Plaza Brickell is located in the middle of the city that puts you in the middle of all the action the city can give. This is the perfect place for people who enjoy work and play life. Living at The Plaza Brickell gives you walking accessibility to great nightlife, restaurants, and so much more. Want to go shopping? The Brickell City Centre is quick down 8th street where you can shop until you drop. Need groceries? Mary Brickell Village is a quick walk away where they have a conveniently located Publix to meet all your everyday food necessities. Are you into morning walks or runs? Brickell Key access is right across that bridge on the corner of the 950 Brickell Bay Drive tower.

Miami’s financial district is located within Brickell, which puts The Plaza Brickell in the idea place. Imagine a life where you can live where you work! What’s better than that? There are many businesses that are operating out of Brickell, so if you want a luxury miami condo that is walking distance to your job, The Plaza at Brickell is the place for you!

The Plaza on Brickell is even a great place for college students to live. Due to the proximity of The University of Miami and Miami-Dade College to Brickell, it gives students to option to live off campus in a great city and developing city. Students can easily commute from Brickell to Campus by way of train, uber, or car.

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Living at The Plaza Brickell

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The Plaza on Brickell offers a great living experience for anyone. It is a very diverse building where you will find families, experienced professionals, young professionals, and some college students. The management and staff at The Plaza on Brickell are top notch. They are very helpful and friendly and will be able to accommodate most if not all your questions and needs. It is definitely the best building in Brickell due to it’s location to everything someone would need in their everyday life.

The Plaza Brickell Amenities

Pool and Jacuzzi

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The Plaza Brickell has one of the best condo pools in all of Brickell. The two towers share 2 heated infinity edge pools. They have plenty of lounge chairs and cabana beds to catch some great sun in the Miami Heat! Although the two towers share the same pools, it never seems to be over crowded and you can spend all day out there living the Miami lifestyle. Now that remote working has become somewhat of the norm, you will see some people even working poolside. How cool is that? Hey if you are in a remote situation, this could be you! There is also a jacuzzi that is very accommodating for anyone looking to get a little bit of relaxation after a long days work.


the plaza on brickell gym
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When you think of condo gyms I’m sure you are visualizing more like a regular hotel gym. That is not the case at The Plaza Brickell. This is one of the best gyms for a Condo in all of the Greater Downtown Miami/ Brickell area. There is plenty of equipment that will meet your everyday needs when it comes to fitness and exercise. They also have a variety of cardio equipment that will more than cover your needs. The best part about this all…it’s where you live! It can easily replace any gym membership you would have to pay for and travel to. All the gym that you need is one convenient elevator ride away.

Children’s Playroom

plaza on brickell kids room
The Plaza Brickell: The Best Condos in Brickell 10

The Plaza Brickell has a children’s playroom which is very unique. Not many other buildings in the area have this as an amenity! If you have kids and need to take them to burn off a little energy, this is the perfect place. It is always very convenient for play dates for kids, and for them to make new friends within the building. 


There is a great space at the Plaza on Brickell if you want to throw a party or hold an event. As residents of the building, you have access to this room if you need it. All you need to do is inquire to management to reserve the room for a date and time. It’s perfect or birthday parties, graduations, and other celebratory events for you, your family, and your friends.

Living at The Plaza Brickell Wrap-up 

The Plaza Brickell really is the best bang for your buck in the city. You can live in a great building that has great amenities, and so much more. If you want the city lifestyle and walker friendly access to all your main necessities, The Plaza on Brickell is the place for you. There aren’t many other condos in Brickell where you get the combination of quality of living, unobstructed waterfront views, and great amenities that The Plaza at Brickell offers. 

If you are interested in buying, renting, or selling Plaza Brickell real estate, contact me today. I would love to work with you!

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